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Paddle Boarding in Alaska

Liquid Adventure

Most travellers assume you can’t paddle board in Alaska. I’m here to tell you that that’s dead wrong. Alaska has some of the world’s best paddle boarding because the views are so incredible. If you’re correctly equipped you can Paddle Board during the summer months.


If you’re looking for a tour guide to take you along some incredible spots to see Alaska’s beautiful scenery we recommend liquid adventures. Liquid adventures is based out of Seward, Alaska a small and quiet town They offer incredible kayak, paddleboard & kayak fishing tours that are also very affordable. They also rent equipment, so if you’re just looking to go for a spin on your own or with your partner that can also be arranged. If you’re looking to do some kite stand up paddle boarding kitedemon can also hook you up.

Why Paddle Board

Paddle boarding can be an incredibly fun and relaxing activity while looking out into some of the best scenery in the world. It’s also great exercise as you’re constantly working your core and your legs to stay stable while your shoulders and arms get a great work out from paddling.

What You Should Know

If you’re brand new to the sport of paddle boarding I wouldn’t recommend attempting to learn while on vacation in Alaska. There are plenty of clubs around the world which offer paddle boarding lessons which is a great place to start. Alternatively, renting a SUP is relatively cheap and almost every city in the world has rentals available. Most people think you need to be on the ocean, again this isn’t true some of the world’s best spots to SUP is on flat-water. Think lakes. Some even paddle board on rivers and streams – if there is water you probably can get on a SUP and go for a cruise.

Gear You’ll Need

SUPs are a little cumbersome to bring  on a trip to Anchroage Alaska with you which is why we recommend renting. Of course you’ll need a board. From there you’ll also need a wet suit (hey this isn’t California!), a leash, a paddle and many opt to wear a life jacket. Aside from that you’ll just need to bring your sense of adventure and a great attitude!

Amenities in Anchorage Alaska

Dog Sled TourActivities

Alaska is a pretty incredible spot for outdoor activities. Depending on the season there is Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Kayaking, Rowing, Bodyboarding, Canoeing, Ice Climbing, Dog Sled Tours. If you like being out on the water, coming during the summer months is pretty incredible and while we don’t recommend swimming in the ocean as temperatures usually are chilly water sports are pretty enjoyable if you come prepared.


Earth BB has a number of amenities including a hot tub, catering, a restaurant that serves world famous (CHECK) and of course included in your stay are hot breakfasts every morning. If you’re looking to stay fit we recommend the great outdoors, however some people prefer the gym. In Anchorage there are several options (CHECK)

Courses & Tours

Our friends BBC to offer rowing, kayaking and stand up paddle board lessons every summer for a select few weeks. We’ve partnered with them to bring an instructor up to run tours of some of the most beautiful terrain in the world. We promise this tour will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

If you prefer to let technology do the work we offer whale watching tours in our small private boat four times a week. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. These tours are exclusive to Earth BB customers, but they do fill up fast so book early. If you have a private group that would like to take a private tour we can arrange that as well. Pricing varies depending on the season and the number of individuals so please call ahead for pricing and booking information.


There are plenty of restaurants in the area to serve your needs. Many are world famous for their seafood and come highly recommended. One our personal favourites is the Glacier Brewhouse. Their wild Salmon and risotto is to die for. Pair that with a house beer, handcrafted by one of their brewmasters and you have yourself a winning combination.

Simon and Seaforts Saloon and Grill is also a top notch restaurant. It’s not as casual as the Glacier Brewhouse and offers a better environment for a nice dinner out with your wife. They arguably serve the best seafood in Anchorage, which is saying a lot. If you’re looking for a place to unwind after a day of touring or sight seeing they also have a great happy hour from 3-6pm daily. They take reservations so you’ll never have to worry about not having a table for dinner!

Best Sightseeing Spots in Alaska

Northern Lights

Alaska is the largest state in the United States. For the adventurers, it can offer a rich variety of places and sights to behold. It is one of the places where breathtaking sceneries are abundant and getting closer to nature is easier and more fun and exciting. For those looking for tranquility, it offers a beautiful array of sights to contemplate and relieve stress and bring peace of mind. If you are going to Alaska for a vacation or just for a trip to ease your troubled mind from work or other things, then you made the perfect decision. Let us look at some of the best sightseeing spots in Alaska.

Denali National Park and Reserve

It was established in 1917 to protect wildlife living along slopes and valleys of Alaska. With its rich wildlife and landscape, anyone can surely enjoy the place. The best attraction in Denali National Park is Mount McKinley, which stands 20,320 feet tall and is the highest peak in North America. It also contains a diverse species of flora and fauna with about more than 100 species of birds and 30 plus species of mammals. Surely, it is a place to behold.

Spotting the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis

If you visited at wintertime in Alaska, then you will be lucky enough to have a free view of the famous Northern Lights – also known as the Aurora Borealis. These northern lights seem to appear without any reason and there’s a scientific explanation to this. But this is a sight to behold; these curtains of light can bring awe to any viewer especially in a very dark night.

Glacier Bay National Park Reserve

These gigantic shimmering glaciers can be a sight to behold. Add to it the rich variety of animals that can be seen lurking around. It is an ideal destination for those who wants to go kayaking, see wildlife or those who just want to create a feeling of tranquility. This national park attracts around 300,000 visitors yearly and makes it one of the top places for whale watching. In addition, you can spot several tidewater glaciers and alpine glaciers in Glacier Bay.

Anchorage Museum

This museum contains a rich information about Alaska’s history, art and science. Visitors can experience hands-on activities, learn about the state’s history and native people, view traditional and contemporary art and more. The museum also houses the Thomas Planetarium and the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center. If you have kids, they will surely love the Imaginarium Science Discovery Center. You can also find guides, café and gift shop.


This is the capital of Alaska, which you should never miss. You can only reach the place by using boat or plane as it is surrounded by ice and water. It’s the home of the Alaska state museum, St. Nicholas’ Russian Orthodox Church and the State Capitol Building. The city is surrounded by mountains and it is well known for the great Mendenhall Glacier.

There are a lot more to explore in this large US state and be sure to get yourself prepared for a long adventure once you get aboard.

Exciting Outdoor Activities While in Alaska

Geocache Logo

Alaska is a great place to go when you are seeking outdoor adventures. It is a land of wiled beauty and stunning scenery. There’s much to explore and it’ll be best if you must create a to-do list before going. Alaska is full of fun, excitement and a lot of free things to do all year long. If you haven’t got your list ready and you’re planning to get aboard, then consider doing the following things:

Scenic Fishing

Fishing on a beautiful place is a great way to enjoy Alaska. The place is abundant with lakes, rivers and streams which makes scenic fishing one of the best outdoor activity to do in Alaska. You will have a chance to catch one of over 600 species of fish in 3 million lakes, 3000 rivers and numerous streams that was scattered throughout the beautiful landscape of Alaska.


Who doesn’t want camping? It is a best way to get to know the place easily. Take a drive, go to a hike and then look for a spot to set-up your tent. There are a number of classic camping areas in Alaska, ranging from easy drive-in sites to hardcore hike-in options. There’s so much place to enjoy, you may want to camp deep within trees, breathe alpine air or lounge through the lake. This is the kind of up-close-and-personal experience most people are looking to when coming to Alaska.

Glacier Viewing/Trekking

You can forget about global warming when you see Alaska’s gallery of shimmering gigantic glaciers. There are cruise boats that take day trips to some of South-central Alaska’s biggest and brightest glaciers. But there’s no fun if it’s just floating mass of ice, right? Then, keep an eye for a variety of wildlife such as whales, puffins and porpoises. You can even drive to, hike or paddle alongside some glaciers. Tour operators will also offer safe and exciting on-ice adventures.


Do you want to sight see in a blink of an eye? Then why not try ziplines? Extreme ecotourism has already reached the Last Frontier. Two companies, Denali Zipline Tours in Talkeetna and The Nitro (MICA) near the Matanuska Glacier, operate just north of Anchorage. You can experience extreme speed through the forest or near a shining glacier.

Whale Watching

Alaska is one of the best places to view whales in the world. Within eight hours of cruise, you might be able to see a dozen of whales up-close and personal. Aside from that, you can spot porpoises, sea lions and sea otters.

Dog Sled Tour

Get a view of Alaska from a perspective like nothing else – from the dog sled. Before flight was a commonplace, dog sleds are the only means of transportation across the vast distances of the Alaskan tundra. Today, they can be used by tourist to enjoy the view of Alaska from another perspective.


Love treasure hunting? Then you can find it alive and kicking with geocaching. Using your GPS or smart phone, look for fun clues left by visitors and locals before you, and then add your own. The Anchorage Log Cabin Information Center is offering a geocaching guide.