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Best Sightseeing Spots in Alaska

Northern Lights

Alaska is the largest state in the United States. For the adventurers, it can offer a rich variety of places and sights to behold. It is one of the places where breathtaking sceneries are abundant and getting closer to nature is easier and more fun and exciting. For those looking for tranquility, it offers a beautiful array of sights to contemplate and relieve stress and bring peace of mind. If you are going to Alaska for a vacation or just for a trip to ease your troubled mind from work or other things, then you made the perfect decision. Let us look at some of the best sightseeing spots in Alaska.

Denali National Park and Reserve

It was established in 1917 to protect wildlife living along slopes and valleys of Alaska. With its rich wildlife and landscape, anyone can surely enjoy the place. The best attraction in Denali National Park is Mount McKinley, which stands 20,320 feet tall and is the highest peak in North America. It also contains a diverse species of flora and fauna with about more than 100 species of birds and 30 plus species of mammals. Surely, it is a place to behold.

Spotting the Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis

If you visited at wintertime in Alaska, then you will be lucky enough to have a free view of the famous Northern Lights – also known as the Aurora Borealis. These northern lights seem to appear without any reason and there’s a scientific explanation to this. But this is a sight to behold; these curtains of light can bring awe to any viewer especially in a very dark night.

Glacier Bay National Park Reserve

These gigantic shimmering glaciers can be a sight to behold. Add to it the rich variety of animals that can be seen lurking around. It is an ideal destination for those who wants to go kayaking, see wildlife or those who just want to create a feeling of tranquility. This national park attracts around 300,000 visitors yearly and makes it one of the top places for whale watching. In addition, you can spot several tidewater glaciers and alpine glaciers in Glacier Bay.

Anchorage Museum

This museum contains a rich information about Alaska’s history, art and science. Visitors can experience hands-on activities, learn about the state’s history and native people, view traditional and contemporary art and more. The museum also houses the Thomas Planetarium and the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center. If you have kids, they will surely love the Imaginarium Science Discovery Center. You can also find guides, café and gift shop.


This is the capital of Alaska, which you should never miss. You can only reach the place by using boat or plane as it is surrounded by ice and water. It’s the home of the Alaska state museum, St. Nicholas’ Russian Orthodox Church and the State Capitol Building. The city is surrounded by mountains and it is well known for the great Mendenhall Glacier.

There are a lot more to explore in this large US state and be sure to get yourself prepared for a long adventure once you get aboard.