Alaska is America’s last great frontier and if you want to see nature wild and untamed then head out into the Alaskan frontier on some of the most incredible hiking trails you will find anywhere.  Not for the faint of heart, Alaska is for those hungering for real adventure.  Here is where you will find big game like moose, elk and grizzlies.  So let’s look at some Alaska hiking trails you should add to your bucket list for your next trip north.

Lost Lake

Let’s start this journey at Lost Lake, you can access the trails from two different locations, Mile 5 of the Seward Highway or at the Primrose Campground.  If you want to do the whole trail its 14 miles long so it’s completely doable.  You’d be surprised at the amount of green you see and take a moment to stop and grab some pictures of the Kenai Mountains.

Kesugi Ridge

Epic can’t even begin to describe this trail.  You need to head here in late summer to truly appreciate the views here.  The entire trail is 36.2 miles and you can start your journey at Troublesome Creek and if you walk the entire thing you will find yourself at Little Coal Creek Trail.  The first 12 miles of this journey aren’t easy you are hiking through dense forests and there are bears.  Make sure you are prepared with some bear mace, you may need it.  If you want to do just part of the trail you can start at the other end and there is 6 miles but be prepared for the 1,700 foot elevation gain. Here’s a look at the Kesugi Ridge Trail.

Gunsight Mountain

You need to be an experienced hiker to try Gunsight Mountain, the height is more than 6,000 feet.  You want to make sure you head out in nice weather and storms blow in quickly here. If you want to go directly up to the summit then start out at Mile 113 on the Glenn Highway near the Glacier Fan Creek Bridge.  You might want to find a guide the trail can be a little hard to find.  This trail is steep but once you reach the summit, the views are absolutely breathtaking.

There are hundreds of trails to find in Alaska and this is just a very small portion of them, if you check on the internet you can find dozens of tour companies that will take you out on the Alaskan frontier where you can see nature at its wildest.